Open Top Bus Sightseeing Tours

Hop on to our open top bus for a unique sightseeing tour of Whitby. You will get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful North Yorkshire seaside town from our distinctive Double-Decker open top bus as it follows its feature-packed sightseeing tour of historic Whitby.

Our Guided Tour will take you on this trip around Whitby – you can hop on and off the sightseeing tour as many times as you like – whilst you enjoy magnificent seascapes and experience Whitby’s narrow winding streets as the open top bus climbs steeply up to the impressive ruins and new visitor facilities of Whitby Abbey.

Hear Yorkshire tales of bygone days and find out about the Whitby man who had 21 children twice or the man who was the only survivor of the lifeboat disaster of 1861, both immortalised by the camera of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.

The fully-guided Whitby tour takes approximately one hour but tickets last all day and you can get on and off the sightseeing tour as many times as you wish. The open top bus service runs daily from March to November (see times and dates below) and you can simply pay as you board. (Whitby Open Top Bus – Fares)

If you have brought a coach, school or other large party to Whitby why not book our double-decker open top bus for your exclusive sightseeing tour. Contact us now for further details and prices.

The open top bus is also great for use at special events such as weddings, proms and the annual Boundary 500 Santa Ride raising funds for Zoe’s Place. The potential uses are endless; contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Open Top Route

Keypoints at a glance:

  • Tickets valid all day (24 hours)
  • Easy Access
  • Simply pay the driver when you board
  • Hourly service (every 30 minutes April to September)
  • Hop on and off when you want as many times as you want
  • Seven days a week from April through to September
  • Fully guided tour
  • Takes approximately one hour
  • Book the open top bus for your exclusive use

Open Top Fares

Senior Citizens / Students / Child (5 - 15yrs)
Disabled or Accompanying Carer
Children under 5FREE
Family (2 Adults + 3 Children)£28.00
Adult & Child (5 - 15yrs)£14.00
Local Single Fares£2 a stop

Cards payments now accepted

Open Top Timetables


Bus stop**
CO-OP (Langborne Rd)9.3010.0010.1010.4011.1011.4012.4013.1013.4014.1014.4015.1015.4016.1016.40
BANDSTAND ARRIVE9.3510.0510.2010.5011.2011.5012.5013.2013.5014.2014.5015.2015.5016.2016.50
BANDSTAND DEPART9.3510.0510.3511.0511.2511.5513.0513.3514.0514.3515.0515.3516.0516.2016.50
WHALE BONES (Royal Hotel)9.4010.1010.4011.1011.3012.0013.1013.4014.1014.4015.1015.4016.1016.2516.55
WEST CLIFF ATTRACTIONS9.4310.1310.4311.1311.3312.0313.1313.4314.1314.4315.1315.4316.1316.2816.58
PANNETT PARK/MUSEUM9.4510.1510.4511.1511.3512.0513.1513.4514.1514.4515.1515.4516.1516.3017.00
WHITBY ABBEY ARRIVE9.5510.2510.5511.2511.45**12.15***13.2513.5514.2514.5515.2515.5516.2516.4017.10
WHITBY ABBEY DEPART9.5510.2510.5511.2512.2512.5513.2513.5514.2514.5515.2515.5516.2516.4017.10
CO-OP (Langborne Rd)10.1010.4011.1011.4012.4013.1013.4014.1014.4015.1015.4016.1016.4016.5517.25

*This service DOES NOT operate weekdays from Monday 8th April to Friday 24th May 24 & Monday 3rd June to Friday 5th July 24 & Monday 2nd to Friday 27th September 24

**This service departs at 12.25 after legal driver break.

***This service departs at 12.55 after legal driver break.


Bus stop
CO-OP (Langborne Rd)9.3010.0010.1010.4011.1011.4012.4013.1013.4014.1014.40
BANDSTAND ARRIVE9.3510.0510.2010.5011.2011.5012.5013.2013.5014.2014.50
BANDSTAND DEPART9.3510.0510.3511.0511.2511.5513.0513.3514.0514.3514.55
WHALE BONES (Royal Hotel)9.4010.1010.4011.1011.3012.0013.1013.4014.1014.4015.00
WEST CLIFF ATTRACTIONS9.4310.1310.4311.1311.3312.0313.1313.4314.1314.43
PANNETT PARK/MUSEUM9.4510.1510.4511.1511.3512.0513.1513.4514.1514.45
WHITBY ABBEY ARRIVE9.5510.2510.5511.2511.45**12.15***13.2513.5514.2514.55
WHITBY ABBEY DEPART9.5510.2510.5511.2512.2512.5513.2513.5514.2514.55
CO-OP (Langborne Rd)10.1010.4011.1011.4012.4013.1013.4014.1014.4015.10

The yellow service operates daily from Monday 30th September – Sunday 3rd November 24

The grey service DOES NOT operate on Mondays & Fridays from Monday 30th September to Sunday 3rd November 24

**This service departs at 12.25 after legal driver break.

***This service departs at 12.55 after legal driver break.

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